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GDPR & The Milton Damerel Video Project

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May this year. Basically, what it means is that data, (including images) that may identify an individual may not be used or stored without permission. A project like this sits in a grey area not yet defined in a court of law or common sense.


  • Individual photographs/video (Where individual people could be identified)

In order to comply with this new regulation I will be approaching certain people with a model release/GDPR form before the final video is released. In all of these cases verbal consent has already been obtained. 

  • General event photographs/video (Crowds, groups of people in the background)

It is not a requirement of GDPR to seek written permission to publish general photographs taken at events. However, should anyone wish to have their image removed from any Milton Damerel Video Project material please email me via the contact page on this website. 



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