About me

I wasn’t born in Devon but I got here as soon as I could.

Sold to BOAC as a young boy, fixer of broken things, long distance walker, photographer and reluctant world explorer. Now calls Devon home.

I have lived in Milton Damerel for nearly 8 years. I dont have any farm experience but I know enough about photography to produce a reasonable image of one.

Why a Milton Damerel Video? Well, why not?  There is no particular reason to do this except that it has never been done before and I think I can make a reasonable job of it.


Making this video was never on my DO LIST but, then again, neither was bell ringing or walking the South West Coast Path.  Funny how things creep up on you.

Although photography is a hobby I’ve had images published on calendars and in magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

What’s this do?


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